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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Online poker experience full power and how to choose a start with your card ?

You start playing poker (especially online poker) and you are not aware of how to start playing poker online? Should you start each Poker hand with 2 cards in Texas Holdem Poker? Should more bets, should follow, or should withdraw? Which card is strong at the start, and which one is the weakest? Singapore Online Casino will explain to you how to play poker as well as a professional poker's skills.

Experience playing online poker

First off, you always have to remember that a good poker player who plays in a table of six other players always has a 1/6 win ratio. And the number of cards they play is only 30% of the number of cards in the table. This is justified because with six players the odds for you to have the strongest hand is 1/6, so you should wisely retreat in the cards you have weak cards and focus on the cards that you have more chance of winning.

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Experience playing online poker

How to start a poker game?

This is a question that anyone who starts to learn how to play poker is asking. Just start playing poker with strong cards. But how do you know if your card is strong or weak, with only two cards? The following is the experience that experts at SG Online Casino want to share with you

At the beginning of a poker game, you have:

Weak power cards should be dropped at the beginning of the game

+ 2-7 or 2-8 or 3-8: You should retreat right from the start! This is considered to be the worst card in poker, if the two leaves are not the same color as 98% you will lose. And if the same color? If you are extremely lucky you will get a very small 1Flush, and even in that very rare situation your odds of winning are just under half. These cards can not create straight and create very small pairs. Overt, you should retreat.

+ 3-7 or 2-6: Withdraw, do not wait for anything from these cards.

+ 3-9 or 4-9 or 2-9 or 5-9: It is up to you, they are very special cards when not the same color. They can only make an average pair of pairs of 9 but not really useful. You should only play 5-9 in the same color, and do not be too adventurous in that game. Rest? Withdraw! Do not continue playing poker in these cases

+ 2-10: Are you impressed by Doyle Brunson with this starter style that won two World Poker Championship titles? One tip for you: This is a weaker version than 5-9 and never imitate the legendary Poker.

+ 2-4, 3-6, 3-5, 4-6, 4-7, 5-7 ...: These types of cards are hard to win, so you should only play with the same color, and do not be too adventurous.

Average poker card power

1 FACE or 1 ACE and 1 number card (not in the same color): Do not think this is a strong one, because you only hope to win if you have a strong card. And even with a strong pair you think you can win in a 6-man table?
Ace And Number Two Clover Card

Two strong cards: You should play but be careful, if you do not have a pair then it is best not to go along.

A pair of weak or medium: Should play, you may have 3 leaves, but should not adventure. Two forces of the same color: except for the cases mentioned above, otherwise you go on, the rest are yourself to behave.

Poker cards with extreme strength

AA, KK, QQ, JJ: Your chance to win is very big when you have these types of cards. You should follow the same if the turn does not appear stronger than you.
Poker cards with extreme strength

SG online casino would like to share with you the simplest online poker experience through this article. The shared online poker experience will continue to be aggregated and shared with members of GOG. I wish you success on the path of professional poker !
Online poker experience full power and how to choose a start with your card ?
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