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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Skills needed to become a pro poker player

Skills to become a pro poker player

Poker is a discipline that requires you to apply your skills, knowledge and ability to be flexible in order to win. And the way to pursue a professional poker career is not an instant one. Therefore, you need to constantly learn, cultivate the experience for yourself and especially have the basic skills below to pursue a long career poker.
Skills needed to become a pro poker player

Control yourself when tilted

Tilt is a situation where the player loses control, the typical psychological crisis is in the case of losing too much money, causing inhibition, irritability or sometimes great wins also cause the player to lose control. Most poker players suffer from frequent tilt problems. Then they will fall into a state like the werewolf or songoku see the full moon. As crazy as that we can win but most lose money is usually lost money.
Control yourself when tilted

Question is so how not to be tilt? The only way is to practice, learn to control yourself. When you fall into the Tilt situation, stop playing and go out and relax in the form of music, sports and physical exercise to relieve psychological. After you are comfortable, just play again.

Computing skills when playing poker

Poker is an intellectual game that requires poker players to learn math skills. In life, there is a need for math. You should know the driver

To calculate the price of car, you do housework also have to know math to balance the money go to the market and buy cosmetics. And for poker math is the most important part of the skill.

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The things you need to calculate in poker are typically:

+ Your BB number.
+ BB number of people who have not joined hands.
+ BB number of people who have come in hand.
+ The number of BBs went into the pot at the flop.
+ The number of BBs remaining after the bet or call flop.
+ BB in Pot after bet call raise flop.
+ BB code is expected in turn .... So to the River.

Also you must know about the probability of:

% hand of the opponent to infer the opponent hand can play.

The percentage hand of allin opponents with their hands on the winning percentage.

You can use the Hand Ranges to read your cards and opponents:
You can use the Hand Ranges to read your cards and opponents.

Psychology skills when playing poker

Playing Poker requires psychological skills, why?

Take a look at this simple example. You get less marks, so the teacher invites parents to the meeting, you will invite your father or mother or motorcycle taxi services. That shows your psychological skills.
Psychology skills when playing poker

Poker as well as sales. There are many women who do not care about the price, not care about the material just the seller to hit the psychology that they will hook. Poker too, many players are willing to lose a pile of money into a single hand, as long as you make sense that they can win, that feeling will make them slowly trapped in.

Psychology also helps us not to get into other people's minds. This section is a bit abstract so I would like to give the actual evidence in poker.

If in poker you are passive passive play will call when the opponent bet, check when the opponent does not bet then you certainly can not make a long win.

So psychology is to distinguish the types of players so that when we encounter the weak to earn a lot. Meet the aggressor waiting for time or area. Encourage scammers to compromise with it.
Skills needed to become a pro poker player
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