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Friday, 4 May 2018

Do you know the top secrets of casinos ?

10 secrets that casinos never want guests to know

Casino do not have windows, clocks and when you step into the casino, you will always be monitored closely.
10 secrets that casinos never want guests to know

Sal Piacente, a black-and-white poker expert who has been a longtime poker player in casinos, has uncovered what casino owners have hidden. According to Fox News, Sal now manages UniverSal Game Protection Development, which provides casino-related services.

Some casino games have fraud

According to Sal, a few casino games are actually installed to cheat. "Not many games are designed so that players can not win. That's why you need to recognize them and stay away from these games."
poker 3 cards have fraud

At the top of the list, according to Sal, was Poker 3, Let It Ride, Caribbean Stud, Openjack. These games attract players because it gives you the feeling of getting a large amount of money, with a rate of eight, nine or more, even a "snack" of 250. However, players Often lost more than that in those matches.

Some "friendly" games

"There are games that give you more chances to win," said Casino bosses supervisor Derk Boss of Nevada. It is a game that requires the player to have a strategy and you can learn it. These games do not guarantee you will win, but it gives you more opportunities and reduces the advantage of the house. "

The reason that casino usually do not have windows, clocks

"Simply because they do not want customers to be distracted by time," says Sal. Without a window, watches will keep the casino stay longer, because they will not know how long they have been here or have to leave.
you never seen a window or a clock inside the casinos

Food and drink free

Many visitors to the casino are very happy about the food, drinks here free. "They give you a $ 20 buffe, while you donate $ 200 to the loser," Sal said.

Casinos dealer also steal

Often, the dealer who deals with the player, they will be caught at the table and away. Some casinos are more sensitive, they will call that employee and then notice the fraud.

According to Fox News, the staff at the casinos received low wages, sometimes just above the minimum wage. Therefore, most of their salary depends on the customer.

Security guards always follow you when entering the casino

"We can observe all your behavior everywhere you go, except for the restroom and hotel room," Derk said.

Casinos often use surveillance systems to look for fraudsters - those who specialize in tourists to withdraw money from them. The security supervisor can even zoom in on each of your cards to prevent fraud.

If you win big, the more attention you get

"When someone wins a lot of money, they will always be thoroughly examined secretly," Derk said. Security will do a review who just won. They will review video games to spot fraud. However, you do not need to worry because the casino staff just do everything to detect fraud. If you do not break, they will never bother you.

Secret to detect suspicious people, potentially fraudulent

The security team at the casino is often trained to detect the client's behavior. They closely monitor the behavior of guests. Here are some strange signs that you might be suspicious of.
Secret to detect suspicious people, potentially fraudulent

Two men sitting near each other: Derk says two blackjack players on the same table rarely sit near each other, especially when the table is empty. "Women can, but men are not going to sit that way."

Strange play: "If someone was setting $ 100, suddenly a person in the table placed up to $ 10,000, it is a sign that they need to track," Derk said. That indicates that the person who placed $ 10,000 has a suspicious sign, or they have received some information.

The players are not focused. "If somebody is playing with the card machine, not concentrating, looking around for the security guard, he is definitely suspicious. A regular player will focus on the machine and do not want to be bothered by anyone. "

Where casino manages to loose most players

When you go to a casino, you will usually be monitored closely by the cameras and staff. However, players in the poker room will not be staffed the most.

According to Derk, this game does not earn too much money. Secondly, the players are alert and watch closely the opponent. If they detect suspicious people, they will certainly inform the house.

Dealers feel sympathy if you lose too much

Many people said they felt like they were playing because they lost the game. But by profession, they can not say straight: You have lost so much. You should stop playing.

So, I think you have some exprience and can play at any casino but be carefull some Asia Casino. Read more the bad things at Cambodia casino here.
Do you know the top secrets of casinos ?
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