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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Bad secrets at the Cambodian casino

Parts of casino

The casino section includes guarding the gate to keep order outside the casino, some keep the security inside the casino. They are equipped with walkie-talkies, electric batons scattered around the tables.

At the casino the most powerful is the casino owner, then to the guard in black protective clothing, the third is the caretaker and dealer (dealer).

Casino supervisor

Casinos casinos are divided into two top:
  • A top-of-the-line camera sitting in the command room observes every move of the casino guest.
  • A top slot inside the casino receives notification from camera attendants. If you encounter a person who exchanges money or pickpockets, take a photo shoot the casino staff will bring objects to see evidence of breaking the law.
a casino cameras room

casino surveillance

To the receivers violate the rules of the casino, the caretaker will bring to the camera room to watch movies (see evidence). Depending on the seriousness of the offense, they will be punished on the spot and taken with a portrait. Lightly 5 fingers on the face does not dive, a bit heavier then eat a few kicked to the butt limping a few days not to. The heavier he was beaten bloody nose blood. The portrait is posted at the door so that the staff at the door is identified, when the photo is taken down to have the opportunity to re-enter the casino, otherwise there is no chance to set foot in the casino. half.

See witnessed a fraudulent handling of players

On October 18, 2015 at Lasvegas Casino we witnessed a 30-year-old couple being looked after by moviegoers. The wife bets 200,000, but when she breaks the winner's hand, when no one remembers her wife has changed the 200,000 sheet into 50,000 sheets, although the next person is unknown, but under the eyes of her camera. Invited attendants. His wife did not do anything wrong so she did not go anywhere. Immediately there were two other attentive attendees who invited her to watch a video of her violation.
dont do the wrong thing at casino because you will be check anytime

Although his wife is guilty, his husband does not stand beside the well-known chefs and invites him to go to the movies with his wife. After 30 minutes, the couple came out. On the face of his wife printed five fingers on his face, his face gray. When he went to the door, his wife was given a pediatrician by a caregiver, who treaded his buttock to the ground.

Reunion suddenly

The next day we met again this couple in another casino, we talk and know they reside in Thu Dau Mot District, Ho Chi Minh City here playing cards for more than a week and losing more than 200 million, Looking to take back capital should have no intention about.

Many gamers think the casino has hundreds of players so how to detect the small behavior of the individual. With that thought made so many famous pickpockets in Vietnam was the care of the broken fingers.

Casino is very secure

When it comes to the casino, there are not any players who are pickpocket, they are absolutely safe. Even two guests outside the casino have a grudge, when faced in the casino that prepared to speak immediately the caretaker out of the casino. If the customer has a blow to the shouting screaming that touches the card staff or hit the tool will be treated beautifully.
Casino is very secure

A murder occurred at the casino

On the morning of October 2013 the staff and guests at the Nagaworld Casino were amazed to find the water in the casino was a red one. No one knows what happened until noon to know the story: The night before a female hostess vip room to steal money of guests have been detected by camera staff.

The girl was taken to the "special care" room talking to the guard in black. Unfortunately, when the girl in the black robbery was covered with drugs and drinking too much alcohol care. One minute the black-and-white chauffeur-escorts escaped and ran up the rooftop. By panic girl into the living water tank lurking, but due to frequent blood loss was always there.
Sometimes the incident was told by the guests that the case was sinking, the Cambodian authorities did not come to investigate and inspect the scene at all.


The psychology of players when stepping into the casino are cards that have been ranked by the machine should play very fair, win or lose is due to luck factor. But the reality is, the player steps into the casino is to put his neck to the noose.
a dealer at casino

Few people know that the cards that are placed in the main machine are dealt by the Dealer in a certain order. Each casino has an electronic sign for predicting winners. This result is accurate to 100%.

The electronic sign (also known as the Smoker) will signal the win
Before posting, the electronic sign (also known as the Cua Dai) will inform the customer. If players do not know how to play cards, just look at the table that bets on the door. However, the smuggled board that has up to 6 lines of forecasts are Small Dots, Large Dots, Big Dots, Drops of Rain, Large Bubble Cops, Small Bubble Couch.

Although accurate, but broken. For example, the first 5 games of the Big Deck line will tell the winner of the game is red, the players only need to bet on the red box will win, but to the sixth game the line also reported that red is winning but broken into the stream other. If the customer is betting on inertia, the number is red.

By nature, the electronic board is just the game of the dealer so you believe the game is not cheating, but easily bypass the Dealer's hand-to-hand dealer. Dealer of the casino is the people playing Cholon called "friendly" Ho Ly.

Dealer Secrets

Dealers in the casino do not have the power but the boss of the revered. Because they are the direct profits for the casino. Especially in the dealer this is all Khmer or Chinese, but not Vietnamese.

Some black shirt guards in drunkenness have revealed to us that the purpose of building casinos near the border is to strip Vietnamese money, not to hire Vietnamese as Dealers because they are easy to be redeemed by the Vietnamese. The profit of the casino is in the hands of Dealer.
Dealer does not stop training to improve skills

A Khmer named Khmer, he finished high school then applied to the casino application staff. Initially he was only allowed to play casino as a secretary (a secretarial job). Because Phi's salary is very low, he is not supported as a Dealer, so Kh tries to apply for a Dealer. After nearly one year of training, he was recruited.

The Dealer is divided into two categories: the minor dealer and the dealer.

Dealers are treated by the tycoon as other employees, but the Dealer is given special incentives, with a minimum wage of $ 2,000 a month, with Dealers being paid $ 20,000.

The reason the dealer is paid is high

In the casino games such as Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Bai ... need a dealer hands of the dealer. Dealers must know how to change the card without being noticed by the players to be useful. Initially the bosses only give dealers dealers to give the player a fair way. Gradually, if the lucky guest is going to run out of money on the table, the camera supervisors inform the guard in black. At this point New Dealer is out to divide items to recover the lost money. So the professional card players are eating cards that see dealer Deal is that they immediately stop playing to protect their winnings.

Dealer does not stop training to improve skills

Typically, each dealer will have at least one master dealer who will train the skilled dealer. As in the Hong Kong series, the dealers divide their cards as magicians, so the dealer does not need to, so instead of drawing the top card in the box, The article below is for guests not to discover.

If the casino has a customer who is a dealer dealer in other places, quickly discovered the red card is immediately black shirt scene to negotiate negotiations.

There will be three cases:
  • The guest was invited to be the official dealer for the casino
  • The guest will be paid a large sum of money with the invitation to leave
  • That guest will forever disappear
So the negotiations will have two goals and one defeat, it is not foolish that the customer chose to kill himself.

There is a story told by some of the players: A dice player at King Crow M can play dice while the Dealer is shaking and correctly guessing the winning score up to 90%. M bets and other gamblers also bet on the odds according to M. M result won with over 200 million. There are unusual players win, black shirt guard has invited M to negotiate, after the talks no one saw M again. It is rumored that M has received 500 million bonus money and was backed by a black suitcase loaded onto a car to return to Vietnam.

Why don't you play at online casino for safe ?

Through the 4 secrets to play at the casino in Cambodia just worried about the unsafe road that the victory also worried about being robbed money on the way home. So you want to eliminate these difficulties to choose online poker in the most prestigious today, just a computer with internet connection that you can participate in betting anywhere.

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Bad secrets at the Cambodian casino
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