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Monday, 26 March 2018

Bangkok at night - the Paradise with many game !

Thailand is an attractive destination and attract tourists to visit and explore the mysterious beauty of the country is known as the Golden Temple. If you have a chance to visit the Bang Kok venue at night feel the difference.

Lebua Sky Bar

Lebua Sky Bar

Watching BangKok from above, in the middle of separate spaces, Lebua Sky Bar became a highlight for BangKok at night. Between the peaceful sounds of classical jazz music, snuggling a bit of wine and enjoying the panoramic view of BangKok City from above, gives visitors an exotic feel for the modern city. still retain the beauty of the Orient.

Red Light District, Bar, Casino

Bangkok Casino

Bangkok is famous for many places to eat, not to be difficult to meet the neighborhood bars, vibrant dance hall, you can not help but be overwhelmed by the splendor and majesty of it.

Bangkok is the paradise of sex tourism, when night falls, Patpong neighborhood lights start flashing lights to open the fun for more than half a night. Located in the heart of Bangkok, Patpong is a few hundred meters long road between Silom and Suriwong with hundreds of bars, massage parlors, karaoke bars, stripped dance with tables. The show girls, super girls ... in Thai, English, Chinese, Japanese outside the girls dress shop openings, inviting posture.

"Patpong City" in Bangkok tourism is famous for "sex technology" with hundreds of brothels, sexy show hysteria.

Bangkok has 2 famous casino that you can play some games. Btw, you could be play casino online after walk around some place !

Chao Phraya River

On the romantic river Chao Phraya, Rama8 bridge (the name of an 8th king of Thailand) at night shimmering in the colorful lights, shadow shadow down the calm river. Romantic, romantic and gentle is what anyone who comes here can feel.

This is also the place of dating couples, where the fun walk of the young couple BangKok so that attracted visitors to this strange way.

The food neighborhood

Come to Thailand, do not miss the opportunity to roam the streets of cuisine, you will be surprised by the colorful dishes to enjoy: chicken Adobo, chicken rice, Hong Kong porridge, Mohinga Myanmar noodles, chicken Tandoor India ...
Victory Monument

Victory Momnet, Thailand's iconic victory stands majestically on a central street and is covered in brilliant lights. In the midst of the bustling passers-by, the statue of the victorious monarch still stretches out to show its historical beauty.

Thailand, the King and Queen are all very influential and important people. Therefore, to anywhere in this country, it is easy to see the image of the King and Queen. It is also a way for Thai people to pay tribute to the efforts that the people of the Royal Family built a thriving Thailand as today.

Siam Paragon, a shopping mall with the most famous modern style in Thai tourism, is always an unforgettable destination for visitors, and especially at night. Since the success of the movie "The love of Siam", this place has become more and more famous and attracted a lot.

Busy, busy people, a dynamic Siam in the eyes of youth travel BangKok do not know ever since became a familiar appointment for the evening.

Hoang Cung Street

Hoang Cung Street

Step into the Hoang Cung street, immersed in the world of colors of the lights, visitors are not overwhelmed by the beautiful beauty of the night. Hundreds, thousands of electric lights are lit up a large road, everything as a mesmerizing picture captivated people.

The Way of the Ambassador

Walking the path of the "Ambassador", visitors are not surprised and wonders about the name of this road. Named "Ambassador" because the whole of this road is the headquarters of the Embassy of the countries. The trees on both sides of the road has brought here a fresh green space, visitors spoiled for walking and watching the luxury building.


Lying in the heart of a big, crowded city in Asia, Chinatown in Bangkok is easily recognizable by its distinctiveness. It is only 5 minutes drive from the West Khao San area. Chinatown is famous for its Chinese cuisine such as dim sum, shark fin soup, salami, dumplings, sausages, tofu, ginkgo , Chinese barbecue ...
Bangkok at night - the Paradise with many game !
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