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Monday, 26 March 2018

Singapore's casino has been largest in the world

After two centuries of ban, the Singaporean government eventually entered the race in the casino business. By the end of June 2012, the island nation opened a new entertainment complex including a giant casino, regeneration park and luxury hotel with construction costs of $ 5.7 billion.

The world's most luxurious casino

Singapore is the most developed country in Southeast Asia today. This is the island that attracts the most investment. Singapore has many beauty and diversity in all types of development. Today, Singapore is focusing on the spiritual aspects of life as it focuses on the construction of amusement and recreation.

Most recently, the world admired the country when it launched Marina Bay Sands. This is a perfect combination between swimming pool, restaurants, hotels, entertainment and casino with the investment cost of "terrible". It is rated comparable to Macau and Las Vegas
singapore casino - the largest casino in the world

The Marina Bay Sands complex consists of three buildings, each with up to 55 floors. On top of the roof is the Skypark - a park open flowers, trees and many swimming pools. At the bottom is a commercial center plus a 5-star hotel with over 2,500 rooms. The casino is four floors high with more than 600 table cards, a range of jackpots and an electronic poker screen. There are also a number of restaurants and bars, plus a museum and two large theaters for the musicals.

Sheldon G. Andelson, president of Las Vegas Sands Corporations, said Marina Bay Sands will first target customers from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, While not forgetting to look at other Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam

Previously, despite concerns about its negative impact on society, Singapore has given a green light to its gambling business since 2005. It has built its first casino on Sentosa's artificial island at a cost. Approximately $ 4.5 billion. This time, Singapore is aiming for a higher level of cooperation with Las Vegas Sands Corporations to complete the world's most expensive and luxurious casinos.


Tourists in countries, including the Vietnamese, to Singapore to play cards often play "5 eat 5 lost", that is one side of the house, one side of the child. Guests have two doors to put. Flip over, if the winner wins, the winner wins. Other games are rakes, then blackjack, triangular gray ... There are many types of play.

If you have less money then hit the ground floor, more money up the floor. Resorts World Sentosa are more popular because they are popular. In addition, Sentosa is a popular tourist destination, and anyone traveling to Singapore must go to Sentosa. Then there is a double job, wife and children play all day long do not bored at the entertainment, shopping in it, the men love to go to casinos.

Go to the VIP area to gamble before you smoke. Under the ground floor, there is no alcohol but fresh water. What do you like to take the staff to bring in because there is always a tray of water passing by to serve customers. Also on the ground floor is plenty of money to serve full beer.

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Singapore's casino has been largest in the world
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