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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The coastal city is dubbed 'Little China' in Cambodia

A wave of Chinese investors and tourists is turning the southern coastal city of Cambodia into a miniature Chinese version
A Chinese tourist enjoys a foot massage on the beach at Sihanoukville.

Chinese arrivals skyrocket - Sihanoukville are losing out

On a clear blue day, with no cloud or sunshine in Sihanoukville's coastal city of southern Cambodia, crowded tourists lie on the sand and do not worry about anything but anxiety. Call 1 dollar beer or drink fresh coconut juice at cheap prices.

But that scene was back in the past. Now beaches in Sihanoukville are deserted, almost without a shadow. Freshly bred lobster trays on the head and nail technicians wander the desperate beach looking for tourists. Employees at coastal seafood restaurants sit at the front door waiting for guests but they do not see anyone besides wild cats and humming flies, according to the Washington Post.

China's influence on the Cambodian economy

"We are not going to make enough money to support ourselves," said Doung Sokly, a 30-year-old woman who runs a snack, snack and cigar shop on the Independence beach in Sihanoukville. For 8 years, lament.

However, just a block away, a busy street with casino has just opened in recent months. Casinos with names like Tan Macau are only for Chinese. Cambodians are not allowed to play at these casinos.

On a sunny afternoon, the beach is empty, but in crowded casino cafes, Chinese tourists smoke cigarettes and swing $ 100 dollars into the bet. Around the guard is also the Chinese people supervising the most active gambler. And there is no shortage of beautiful local women with curly brows in short skirts running around the table.

China is trying to make economic and political impact in Southeast Asia through its One Ring Road Project. Meanwhile, Cambodia also needs to develop a system of roads, bridges to promote growth. And the benefits of the two interstates in the port city of Sihanoukville, south of Cambodia.

"Sihanoukville is like a poster for China's development." On economic measures, China is the number one, "said Carl Thayer, a South East Asia research fellow at the Australian Defense Force Academy. comment. "Certainly China wants to take the place of the United States and this country is realizing it successfully."

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, who has ruled Cambodia for 33 years, has recently announced his support for Beijing's re-election campaign in June. As the largest aid donor to Cambodia, China has supported the Southeast Asian nation with $ 11 million to hold local elections this year. In the opposite direction, the Cambodian government opened the door to unprecedented investment by Chinese businesses. There are already 30 Chinese business casinos in operation in Cambodia and 70 other casinos are under construction.

The number of Chinese tourists arriving in Sihanoukville, a city of only 90,000, doubles in 2016-2017. All restaurants, hotels, banks, duty-free shops, supermarkets and banks in Sihanoukville feature signage in Chinese.
The coastal city is dubbed 'Little China' in Cambodia
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