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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Sicbo winning strategy for everyone

Sicbo winning strategy to 100%

Sicbo is a very popular game at online casino and redeemable game portals. The rules are quite simple, the time of a game is only about 30s so the game is a lot of people choose
Sicbo winning strategy to 100 percent

Sicbo tactics

Although the Sicbo players are quite a lot, but the sharing of Sicbo play skills are relatively few. So how can you seize the opportunity to win big in Sicbo? This is the biggest question the player has when it comes to this game of chance.

The biggest taboos in any betting game are: Not greedy. Sicbo is no exception. When greed comes to you, you will only suffer more, because "the mind is calm, the heart is bright." Any game that requires a certain stop, there are times when it is necessary to make a wise decision. So if you let your eyes go blind, you will only lose and lose
Sicbo tactics

The Sicbo rules are very simple: you have only two options: The chance of winning and losing is 50%. If you place your Dice and the result is Dice (the total score of 3 dice is between 11 and 17) then you will win the bet with a 1: 1 ratio, otherwise you lose. the full amount of bets.

According to a simple probability problem of the Sicbo or the Game of Gold we can draw the game to win 100% as follows: You choose a fixed door or slam, For example, you choose. Each time you place a bet, for example, you place 100, if you win, you will continue to place 100, if you lose again increase the bet is doubled. This time, if you win, you will earn 100 more, assuming you lose, you will continue to increase your bet by doubling to 400. Play like that, you will surely win. Why? Assuming the nth time you win, the total money you spent is:

- Total money: (1 + 2 + 4 + ... + 2 ^ n) * 100

- Total winnings: (2 * 2 ^ n) * 100 = 2 ^ (n + 1) * 100

In mathematics, you can prove yourself 2 ^ (n + 1)> (1 + 2 + 4 + .... + 2 ^ n) with common knowledge. So in this way 100% you will profit when playing Sicbo. Of course there is one disadvantage that is the number of bets. If n is only 5 or 10 then there is no problem. But if it's up to 15 or 20, not everyone has enough money to play. However, with the 50-50 ratio, this is probably the case. Remember to only place your bet at one door !

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Sicbo winning strategy for everyone
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