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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Japan Casino School will open to training !

Around the IR (integrated resort) including Osaka city and clubs where the prefecture will attract attractions, there are a number of dealer training schools opened in the city. The casino dealer training institution "Japan Casino School" (Tokyo) will open a training class "Nippon Casino School Osaka school" in a department store, Namba Marui, Chuo Ward, the same day. The IR Promotion Law was passed and the government is also promoting the institutionalization of the system, and the school has decided to open Osaka in anticipation of future demand. In future, needs looking for attraction are likely to rise further.
Casino that raises demand for dealer training

The Japan Casino School was established in Tokyo in 2004, and about 700 graduates so far. In the IR, Las Vegas, Singapore, Macao etc are known, and graduates are active in both domestic and international casinos. At the end of this month, an amusement casino facility "Casino Cafe" is set up at the school. As a place for practicing practice by graduates, citizens plan to operate as a facility where you can experience casinos.

Last May, "CEC" (Tokyo) opened a specialized training school "Japan Casino Academy Osaka School" in Nishi Ward, the city. Three card tables and one roulette table are installed, and in addition to blackjack, baccarat and poker of card game, it is a mechanism that you can acquire skills and knowledge on roulette as well.
Osaka city and the prefecture are prospective sites for attracting IRs Osaka Kitako artificial island - Dreamland

Domestically, the establishment of the system progresses steadily to attract IR. The IR Promotion Act was enacted and enforced at the end of 2004, and the Government aims to establish an IR implementation bill in the future. At that time, Osaka, which the city and the prefecture is promoting to attract at the artificial island of Osaka bay · Yumeju as a candidate, is considered to be a promising.

The city and the prefecture set the opening period of the IR as early as 23 years, and if the international exposition (World Expo) promoting the invitation of 25 years is realized, both can be enjoyed in the same dream room. We regard IR and Expo that may attract people from domestic and overseas as "Osaka's growth strategy", and in FY 2006 budget, expenses required for promotion of each attraction are posted. Yoshimura Mayor Yoshimura is in a position that "explosive synergy will occur if held in the same dream."

Meanwhile, there are concerns about gambling addiction over IR, and voices opposite to attraction are persistent. The city and the prefecture set up a research group composed of experts and others to grasp the actual state of addiction, and start a measure of addiction including horse racing etc.

In an February council meeting in February, Director General Atsunori Sakamoto, who is responsible for the affairs of attracting cooperative offices in Beppu City, said in a February council meeting, "As a municipality aiming to attract investor relations, it is necessary to enhance countermeasures ahead of the whole country, It is appealing attitude to get stuck.
Japan Casino School will open to training !
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