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Friday, 30 March 2018

How to play Blackjack card game

The rules of Blackjack card

Each player will be divided into the first 2 cards, depending on the current score that each player has to decide whether or not to add more cards. The total score of the highest card is 21 points. The total number of cards that players have over 21 points is called "Explosion". When the player decides to stop the test, he or she will compare the score with the house. If a player scores higher than the host then wins, lower than the loser. In this game, each player will receive a maximum of 3 cards.
Blackjack card game

Point calculation :

Cards are dealt in the cards corresponding to cards J, Q, K and 10 points. If a player has two or three cards, the card is dealt 1 point, 10 points and 11 points, whichever is most beneficial for the player.

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For example:
- If the player has two cards A and 9: in this case A will be counted as 11 and the total score is 20.
- If the player has 3 cards of 9, 2 and A: this case A will be counted as 10 and the total score is 21.
- In the case of a player with 3 units of 9, 9 and A, the A is counted as 1 and the total is 19.
- Left if the player has 4 to 5 cards, Army A will default to 1 point.

Total points, rules and some terms in Online Blackjack:
- Quack: is when the player has a total score greater than 21 points
- Underage point: The player has a total score of less than 16 and can not play cards.
- Point accept: When the player reaches a total score of 16 - 21 points and within this range, the player can post whenever he wants.
- Ghosts: This is a rare case. This is when the player has 5 cards in hand and the total score is less than 21 points.
- Blackjack: In the case of a player with two cards, one of them is A and the other is 10, J, Q or K.
- Leprechaun: In the case of a player with 2 A in his hand.
- Dagger: When a player feels the game is strong enough and does not need to draw more cards, the player will end up by folding and finishing his turn.
- Answer: When the dealer is enough accept point, and have the right to judge the players before the next draw and so points. If the dealer has enough strength, they have the right to consider all players.
Play Blackjack card game in casino

Winning odds

The winning rate for this game is also very high. But this is not only a game of high luck that players want to win, but also must have experience and technical play. With its popularity and simple play, Black Jack is one of the most popular online multiplayer games.
How to play Blackjack card game
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