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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

What is bingo, how to play bingo at online casino ?

What is Bingo ?

Bingo is a popular game around the world including Western countries such as Europe or America. With a very simple rule of thumb and a winning streak based on luck, Bingo really deserves a family game to play with friends or relatives on occasions.
Bingo - casino online game

How to play Bingo ?

Minimum players should have two players, one who can dial, the first round of each player will be issued 3 Bingo, has the right to rearrange the numbers on the Bingo. After that, a player will dial the gearbox and dial the number, each player will number in his Bingo if he has the number called.

When players have 5 consecutive numbers in a row, row or cross, it is counted as one line, if there are 5 lines are entitled to call "BINGO". Then the dialer will check that there are 5 lines or not. If it is true, then the winner, if wrong, the game continues, but if you call Bingo too many times without actually Bingo can be fined.
Real bingo game at casino

Luck is the main factor determining the winner of Bingo because of the numerical and numerical allotment is random, unless the player cheats. In addition, to create more fun for Bingo, it is thought to create bingo panels that contain patterns, which are created by the player himself or possibly by a printed Bingo game. And if a player has enough numbers on the pattern, they will win Bingo.
What is bingo, how to play bingo at online casino ?
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