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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Lottery tournament guide, full and detailed

What is Lottery casino game ?

Lottery game is no longer strange, Every day you can run to buy places and wait for the results but the opportunity is still very low. So why not try playing online slots with a friendly interface and easily get great bonuses though with less money.
Win a lot of money with Lottery games

If you want to play the lottery, you do not have to go to the counter and wait for a few days. Just sign up for an online casino account and you can play the lottery and wait for results within 3 minutes. In particular, the odds are very high 2000 eat 194,000 dong. Floating like the alcohol in many top games such as football betting, casino, lottery can be profitable for you.

How to play lottery game

There are 3 Lotto lottery markets that are:

+ Lotto 30s, 60s, 180s, 300s: Includes 10 balls per turn, 5 balls dealt from right to left.
+ 3D Lotto 30s, 60s, 180s, 300s: Includes 10 balls from 0-9 each turn 5 balls in right-to-left position.
+ Lotto 11 × 5 30s, 60s, 180s, 300s: consists of 11 balls from 1 to 11 turns of 5 balls in the position from left to right.

Players can choose any kind of Lotto lottery that they love. For example, I choose to play Lotto 3D 30s lottery.
Lotto online gradually replaced the traditional lottery

Bet and see the results to win
Each turn consists of 3 numbers and each number has a positional meaning in order. The first number on the left is the number in the third place and the last number on the right is the number in the first place.

There are many different types of bets and you can bet on any type of bets, such as 3-Bets, last two bets, 2-Bets, Bets, BOSE, and Bets. have different payment rates.

Example: Set 3-digit bet type to 3 straight numbers

You will select a number or numbers for the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place in any combination of numbers from 0 to 9. The result will win when the numbers you choose match the numbers. The results are in the correct order.

For example, choose the numbers as follows:

3rd place: Choose 2, 3 and 0
2nd place: Choose number 2
1st place: Choose number 8

Total bets are 238, 028

If the result is 328 then you win.

Example: Set a bet number
You choose 1 or more numbers for the 3rd, 2nd or 1st position. To win the bets, the numbers you choose must match the numbers and the position of the result.

For example, you choose the numbers as follows:

Number 3: 8.9
Number 1: 6

The bet is 3 including 8xx, 9xx, xx6

The result is 806, you win.
Lottery - a game of many casino games


We have instructions on how to play lottery lotto online, do you see that the game lottery lotto is simple and easy to win right. You can freely choose the type of lottery you like. The amount of bets is unlimited and the time to update the results is fast. It is these advantages that players are gradually moving from traditional lottery to online lottery, simple and convenient, can play frequently and continuously. Quickly create your account today and enjoy the game and win big !

Lottery tournament guide, full and detailed
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